2017 Vendors


Becoming a Vendor

'The Great Nor'easter' SASS Northeast Regional Championship feels vendors are an integral part of the event and add to the overall atmosphere for the shooters.

Vendor Form

If you wish to contribute some product to the door prize pool, we appreciate it. However, it is not required. It is more important to us that you come and provide the shooters an opportunity to buy your goods.

Vendor spaces are FREE. However, you must pre-register to reserve your space.

Vendors are responsible for their own insurance.

New Hampshire does not have a state sales tax.

Vendors do not get free shoots. If you wish to attend the Saturday night banquet please let us know on the Vendor Form so we can add you to our count.

Electricity is not available in our commercial spaces - please plan ahead for this if you require it by bringing a quiet generator.

Match dates are July 20-23, 2018. You can arrive as early as Monday, but must be on site by Wednesday.

We also ask that you plan to stay open until noon on Sunday.

'The Great Nor'easter' is a western shooting event. We ask our vendors to dress as appropriately as possible to help us keep the feel of the Old West.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact 'Leadslinger Lesky' at Leadslingerlesky@yahoo.com. We look forward to making this an enjoyable event together!

Match Information: Preacher Ben Pray'n (401-651-5827) Heath53@cox.net

Sponsors/Vendors Information: Leadslinger Lesky leadslingerlesky@yahoo.com

Camping Information: CG Cook JDQ@cox.net